OptoTech Minimal Distortion


OptoTech Minimal Distortion

The world's best relation between addition and distortion

  Lens Surface Comparison - OMD Technology

The new OptoTech Minimal Distortion (OMD) Technology offers the worlds’ best relation between addition and distortion.

All OMD lenses are completely balanced lenses with quick and increased wearer adaption rates. OMD Technology can be combined with existing OptoTech Designs. This offers maximum degrees of freedom to create your own unique design family that is both profitable and customizable. The OMD Technology reduces the lens design unwanted astigmatism between 30-40% for highest visual comfort.
OptoTech already created several OMD-Designs, for example our lifestyle designs: Office Active, Office Flex, Office Relax, EasyLife, Digital Smart Boost, Dynamic Drive or Dynamic Sports.




OMD Benefits


  • Minimal Distortion, maximal precision
  • Intermediate wearer adaption
  • Thinnest lenses
  • Widest optical fields

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