Single Vision

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Individualized lenses for everyone


Single vision lenses are often called “standard” or even “mass produced” lenses. But this description is no longer relevant. Every single vision lens can now be produced as individualized premium products. Using OptoTech’s multiple optimization algorithms, single vision lenses can be calculated in a way to have a thin and optimized lens in any prescription. For example, the design can be combined with lenticular blending or Advanced Ray Tracing Technology (ARTT) to get an individualized high-performance lens.

In many cases, single vision lenses are the perfect choice for near sighted or far sighted patients. If the patient needs a pair of glasses whether it be for a child’s first pair, near activities or distance sight only, OptoTech’s Single Vision lenses are usually the best choice.

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Wearer's Benefit

  • Highest visual performance

  • Clear vision in all gaze directions

  • Ideal for sport frames

  • Good sight even in the peripheral zone

  • Thin and light lenses


Ideal for

Near or far sighted patients. First time wearers, children, reading or distance lenses as well as sport lenses.


Great for reading books or small font sizes on today’s digital devices. Looking at objects that are far away and for sport activities.