About us

OptoTech as a provider for Software Solutions

OptoTech is an industry leading company that develops and manufactures optical machinery and processes worldwide. Unlike other lens design providers, OptoTech’s optical expertise is based on extensive experience in optical manufacturing and software development.

Founded in 1985, OptoTech’s worldwide knowledge in engineering and process technology as well as our strive for innovation make us a prestigious expert for optical manufacturing. Our art to manufacture ophthalmic premium lenses has been refined throughout the years by experiences and cooperation with our customers that has led to industry leading technologies. Every step of creating our new lens designs and software solutions has benefited from that profound knowledge and practical expertise of our strategic partners. Through our wide range of software solutions, we share our know-how and technology with our customers to achieve the best possible vision in ophthalmic lens manufacturing.

OptoTech offers a wide range of software solutions. We have provided guidance and support to hundreds of active software users and our LDS system has been proven in unique and customized projects.

OptoTech Lens Design Software was introduced in the year 2000. It is our aspiration to offer our customers technologically advanced lens designs for the best vision care. All wearers of OptoTech’s lens designs receive a completely customized product that has been tailored for their ophthalmic prescription and visual needs. We hold a unique position in the lens design industry of being not only a software pioneer with our technologies but also a machine manufacturer. This allows us to know what can be done within the current evolution of today’s freeform digital processes and machines. This also impowers us so that we can push the boundaries for future improvements of lens designs. Unlike other LDS systems we can test our ophthalmic and precision theories almost immediately for real world applications within rapid time.

For the OptoCalc 4.0 we developed a completely new and game-changing technology: OptoTech Minimal Distortion (OMD Technology). With this innovative calculation approach, we are able to reduce astigmatism to the lowest possible level with optimized gradients to provide immediate wearer adaptation. The result: the world’s best relation between addition and distortion. Learn more about OMD here.